Welcome to North Ferriby RDA.

North Ferriby RDA was set up in the 1980s by Dr June Alexandra with Leo and Joy Neil. When Leo and Joy retired in 1999 a new committee was formed, and the journey to find more horses and update the facilities began.

What a journey this was, we now pride ourselves in having a strong volunteer team and committee, with everyone doing their own bit.

We have moved our group forward opening new doors which are not only about horse riding. We have discovered there are other things that help people with both physical and mental health problems such as;

  • Equine care + management
  • Stable management
  • Equine ground agility
  • Equine facilitated learning
  • Employability Skill programs
  • Special bespoke programs to suit participant’s needs.

Have Any Questions?

Contact us via email at info@northferribyrda.com

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